A "Little" about Miniature Donkeys and Pygmy Goats

Miniature donkeys are native to the Mediterranean region, primarily the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. They are naturally friendly and docile, easily trained to carry small loads (up to sixty pounds) and pull carts. The registry for the breed requires that they not exceed 36" in height at the withers. Average weight is 250 to 450 pounds. Donkeys frequently live beyond thirty years, and so can touch the hearts of several generations of owners during their life time. They require the same basic care as a horse: annual vaccinations, regularly scheduled worming and hoof care, access to salt, good quality hay or pasture, clean water. Simple shelters that provide shade in the summer and keep them dry in the winter are adequate. They are sturdy and "easy keepers" once they reach maturity, and the challenge is to not overfeed them, as they will never be late for breakfast or dinner.

Legend says that the dark stripe that forms a cross down the back and across the shoulder is a mark that these donkeys have been touched by the Hand of God.

Pygmy goats are natives of Africa and were imported to America in 1959. They are small stocky comedians that love to play and entertain. Avid climbers, they love large rocks to play "King of the Hill". They mature at two years, and stand 16 to 23 inches as adults.

Typical coloring is primarily white with black legs and "trim", or the reverse, black with white "trim". They make great pets, and help maintain weed-free pastures as they prefer leafy plants to grass or hay.

At Magic Hollow they roam and mix freely in the pastures with our Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, and miniature donkeys.